"You are the bestest piano teacher ever. Thank you for teaching me to play piano. Piano is so much fun for me. I wish I could go to piano every day! Ms. Sarah, you are the best!"
                                                      Claire, age 6

"You are the best piano teacher in the whole wide world. I am so proud to be one of your students. Thank you so much for being our piano teacher. You are the best!"
                                                     Audrey, age 8
"You taught me so much over the past two years! I really enjoyed it. You taught me my favorite song, "Hedwig's Theme". You not only taught me music, you made it a thrill." 
                                                       Logan, age 9

"You have been a constant in Jack’s life for the past three and half years and have taught him so much. I know he has really learned a lot and enjoyed lessons. I can’t thank you enough for working with both children. You have given them a wonderful foundation in music. I am not sure if Jack mentioned it to you, but he played in three bands at the Holiday Concert the other night. He played the double bass in Intermediate band, electric bass is Jazz band and French horn in Honor band. You have been a huge part of his music education and I can’t  thank you enough. He has promised me he will still continue to play and I will probably still write you to let you know what he is up to."  
                                         Piano Parent - Kim

"Thanks for all the extra efforts you made to help us grow, and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become great pianists. We wish you the best on your move. We are very sad you are moving. You have been an amazing teacher for the last 4 years. We will continue to stay in touch thru Facebook."

                                Audrey, Emily & Evan - 2017

"Mrs. Sarah is a very good teacher, one because she is strict, two she is very kind,
and three she makes us have hard songs to challenge us. She is the best."

                                                     Paul, age 8

     "We have two extremely active boys, ages 10 and 8, who both enjoy many aspects of music, to include a variety of instruments, singing, and creating their own beats to different drums! Knowing the piano is considered the foundation instrument and would be the best baseline to start and as they progress through their musical journey, we started lessons with Mrs. Sarah.
     Initially, I wondered how she was going to schedule both boys simultaneously and keep her sanity, but my concerns were quickly relieved. She had plans for one to work on the theory aspects of music at a station, while the other was receiving direction at the piano and they would switch at the thirty-minute mark.
     Sarah wants the children to enjoy piano and searches for music options that fits their interests and desires which encourages them to practice, while keeping their musical abilities in mind. One of my children loves to create his own music and she has modified some of his assignments in order to incorporate and foster that passion, and he takes great pride in naming his “pieces”. The other child enjoys learning songs that are challenging, so he can play for others. Her patient and welcoming demeanor coupled with a firmness and reasonable expectations has encouraged my boys and they continue to want to go to lessons, which is a win in my book.
     It is clear Sarah loves music, has a wealth of knowledge, and is passionate about teaching students of all ages. She has always been willing to discuss their progress and struggles with me and how I can facilitate their learning. We are grateful she has prompted the boys to play beautiful music in our home (and I have learned quite a bit, too!)."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Piano Parent - Julie

"I appreciate how Mrs. Sarah gives us different options for songs and makes us work hard.
She also lets us have some fun in lessons. She helps me by talking through what I need to work on and I would highly recommend Mrs. Sarah."

                                                   Hudson, age 10

"Thank you for helping our son grow and develop his talent over the last six years. You have given him the confidence and tools to tackle any piece and have provided patience, kindness and encouragement along the way. Whether the lessons have been in person or online, your instruction has been top notch, every single time."

                                           Piano Parent - Shannon